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Economic recovery after disasters in Central Sulawesi

The Disaster of Earthquake,Tsunami, and liquefaction, which happened in Central Sulawesi,already made a many victims and material loss for the Palu, Donggala,Sigi,and Parigi Moutong residents. Not also that,this tragedy made a locals loss their job not just at in the big city but also in the village like in Loli Tasiburi and many more in Donggala area.

In economic recovery for the disaster affected peoples, Komunitas Celebes Bergerak pushed the livelihood program for disaster affected people in Loli Tasiburi village, Bajo area, and Boya area, Banawa District, The city of Donggala. This program such as: hydroponic cultivation and Smoke Fish for the victims who survive from disaster.

Except economic recovery for the victims , we also build a food security for the poor farmers in Katu Village, Lore Tengah district,The City of Poso that affected by the covid-19 pandemic.


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